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We are located in Lyme, Connecticut with pickup at our home by appointment.

Ground Delivery Available to some locations in: CT, MA, RI, VT, NH, ME, NY. Airline Shipping Not Available.

Ground Transport Policies 

• Approval of transport must be given prior to the buyer making a down payment on an animal.

• The animal's down payment and delivery fee need to be paid in full 48 hours prior to the animal being transported. The balance due on the animal can either be paid prior to delivery or during delivery.

• SECT will not deliver to a buyer's home.

• SECT will meet the buyer at a public location in their hometown or closest large city off of a major highway - location will be determined prior to approval.

• Estimated times given to the buyer are not a guarantee.

• The buyer understands that delivery times may be inconvenient.

• The buyer is responsible to meet SECT for delivery regardless of any time changes, or make arrangements for another responsible adult to do so. Failure to comply with these terms will result in SECT leaving with the animal. The buyer may choose to cancel or have the animal redelivered at the buyer's ADDITIONAL expense. ALL cancellations will result in NO refunds. 

• Buyers agree to general policies of SECT Exotics. Click here to review them.


Transport by SECT Exotics Within New England & NY
Fill out the form below to inquire about availability.

Animals and supplies purchased from SECT can be delivered together. SECT will meet the buyer at a public location in their hometown or closest large city off of a major highway; location and date will be determined at the time of booking. Time of delivery will be determined by SECT 24-48 hours prior to the delivery date. Estimated timeframe may be available sooner. Booking is done by email. To request a quote/booking use the form below, or email

Up to 75 miles one way from Lyme, Connecticut : $99

76-100 miles one way from Lyme, Connecticut : $125

101-125 miles one way from Lyme, Connecticut : $150

126-150 miles one way from Lyme, Connecticut : $175

Any request further than 150 miles one way is considered on a case by case basis, and may be declined depending upon availability/location; the price for longer trips typically increases more than the above of $25 per portion of 25 miles. We do not deliver to NYC or Long Island. The closest is the New Rochelle, NY train station.​

Read this page in full if you are considering ground transport.

Transport Inquiry

Wait to hear from us before reserving any animals.
We will be in touch soon.

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