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Size: approximately 8”x7.5”

Color: Blue or grey

A must have for any new hedgehog or sugar glider owner. Our bonding bags are a great way to carry your pet around with you during the bonding process, or on short outings.

These premium bonding bags have a long carry strap providing a convenient and safe way to bond with pets while out of the cage. Made of soft polar fleece material, it is a comfortable carry pouch that can help reduce stress levels and enhance the bonding experience, all while optimizing your pet's health.

The peek-a-boo window provides ventilation while allowing you to see in and your pet to see out. This window is made with scratch-proof, vinyl-coated polyester for long lasting wear and tear.

Polar fleece provides maximum comfort and breathability

Deep corners help promote relaxation and reduce stress

Heavy duty zipper closure for security

Hand-sewn with inside seams and 100% machine washable.

Always supervise pets during use. Thoroughly inspect accessories on a daily basis for loose threads or other hazards. Wipe product clean with a soft, damp cloth or machine-wash as needed. Wash in cold water on gentle cycle then air dry.

Zippered Bonding Bag with Window

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