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Silent, Durable & Safe!

The Silent Runner Wheel 12" Wide is the most innovative wheel on the market for its safety features and whisper-silent spin. The axle-free construction eliminates a dangerous center axle, reducing the risk of fur/tail entanglement, pet wrap-a-round, curvature of the spine, and other injuries. The wheel spins using dual-ball bearing technology, ensuring it glides smooth and quiet.

The stand allows for give, protecting your hedgehog from joint pain caused by running on a hard, fixed surface.

Running tracks are lightly textured, for excellent grip and safe sensitive paws.

The wheel completely disassembles for easy cleaning, no nooks for feces to hide in.

Designed with a front plate for safety and containment, with natural bean-shaped openings.

Measurements: 12" wheel diameter, 4" wide track, 4" diameter openings, 13" tall on stand, 5" wide on stand.

Silent Runner Wheel 12”

PriceFrom $32.00
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