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Perfect for new owners, includes everything you need.


• Clear plastic tote/cage (no lid). 34 5/8" x 18 3/4" x 12 5/8". Bin will be altered to attach the water bottle.

• Digital thermometer.

• Ceramic hedgehog food dish.

• 8 oz. Water bottle.

• One 10 oz. Black Soldier Fly Larvae Kibble. (This food can be ordered online at any time from www.The for shipping.)

• 2 gallons of wood shavings.

• Large plastic house.

• 12" Wide Silent Runner Wheel.

• Heat lamp.

• 40 watt CHE bulb.


(a thermostat is recommended. a thermostat will turn the heat lamp(s) on and off as needed and can be set to a desired temperature range)

Large Plastic Tote Habitat Kit

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