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iPower GLHTMTCONTROLV2 Digital Heat Mat & Lamp Thermostat Controller


Digital temperature controller to keep your hedgehog’s cage in their ideal temperature.


- Probe Length: 6 feet


- Power Cord Length: 6 feet


Professional reliability: regulates and maintains your preferred temperature within a range of 40°F - 108°F (5°C - 42°C). Temperature display range: 32°F -140°F (0°C - 60°C). Technical specifications: 120V / 8. 3 Max Amps / 60HZ / 1000W.


Set temperature or change display Fahrenheit/Celsius in seconds by using just 3 buttons. LED indicator lights allow you to see the status even in darkness. Made of tough plastic, easy-to-grip shape and anti-skid design.


Note: the controller can only be used to power off heating equipment at set temperature and does not increase or decrease the heating power of the heating equipment.

iPower Thermostat Temperature Controller

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