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Hedgehogs are insectivores by nature; a well rounded diet should include at least 10% of a variety of insects.


Fresh Feeders Variety 6 pack. Exotic Nutrition's Fresh Feeders provide freshly packaged moist insects that are sterilized (cooked) then packaged in convenient pouches for your easy feeding. Farm-raised, all-natural insects contain no preservatives and are easily digested. Each box contains six individual pouches that can be re-sealed (bag clip included) for easy storage. Ideal supplemental food source for Hedgehogs. Comes with feeding tweezer too!


  • Farm Raised, All Natural - No preservatives

  • Moist & easily digested

  • Vacuum Sealed to Preserve Flavor & Nutrients

  • Tweezers Included for Easy Serving

  • Include six 0.71 oz. (20 g.) pouches


FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Offer 2-4 insects per feeding. Adjust according to the weight. Refrigerate unused portion after opening, use enclosed bag closer for storage. Tweezers included for easy, mess-free serving.

STORAGE: Store unopened in a cool, dry place. Once individual packs are opened, refrigerate and use within 7 days. Use the provided bag clip to close bags and keep unused insects fresh between uses. Discard after Best Used By date printed on box.



Farm-Raised Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor), Farm-Raised Crickets (Gryllus linnaeus), Farm-Raised Superworms (Zophobas morio), Farm-Raised Grasshoppers (Oxya chinensis), Farm-Raised Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Hermetia illucens)


Guaranteed Analysis:

Mealworms - Crude Protein 17.0% (min), Crude Fat 5.0% (min), Crude Fiber 1.0 % (max), Moisture 70.0% (max)

Crickets - Crude Protein 20.0% (min), Crude Fat 5.0% (min), Crude Fiber 1.0 % (max), Moisture 75.0% (max)

Superworms - Crude Protein 18.8% (min), Crude Fat 0.6% (min), Crude Fiber 3.2 % (max), Moisture 76.0% (max)

Grasshoppers - Crude Protein 20.8% (min), Crude Fat 2.2% (min), Crude Fiber 4.4 % (max), Moisture 71.2% (max)

Calci-Yum Worms (BSFL) - Crude Protein 5.0% (min), Crude Fat 35.0% (min), Crude Fiber 8.0 % (max), Moisture 65.0% (max)

Fresh Feeders Insect Variety Pack

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