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Your Hedgehog Needs a Bed!

Pet hedgehogs need daylight during the day to keep their sleeping patterns regulated. But they also need the option to have a place to get away from the light during the day.

This can be as simple as a piece of 6 inch PVC pipe, a plastic small pet house, or a fleece blanket/snuggle sack, all of which should be changed/washed every couple of days. Many hedgehogs prefer to have options to choose from, so placing a snuggle sack, plastic house and another hide in different places within the cage is a good idea.

At Southeastern Connecticut Hedgehogs we sell hedgehog supplies that you can pickup with your hedgehog, or you can purchase some of these items from our shopping website ( if you want to have them shipped.

Some of the items include snuggle sacks and soft sided hedgehog houses, and our hedgehog habitat kits come with a plastic hides.

To view the supplies we sell click here. Happy shopping!

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