Adoption Procedure

The care, health, and well being of my animals is my first priority, so if you have any concerns or questions at any point in your research or adoption process please reach out; there are no silly questions!

• Review our policies and hedgehog care , sugar glider care information.

• Choose a baby:
           • To choose online browse our babies web pages for hedgehog, sugar glider or short tailed opossum babies and
              choose from those available by photo and make a down payment on the one of your choice or a future baby.

           • To make an appointment to choose a hedgehog baby in person use the visit us link by clicking here.
              If available, you can even take a baby home the same day you visit.

• Once you have reserved a baby online, or reserved a baby for future pickup in person, you will get a down payment confirmation email within 24 hours. This email will include information about caring for your baby as well as a link to schedule your pickup appointment. Pickup is at my home in Lyme, CT unless other arrangements have been made. 

• No matter how you reserve or choose your baby you will get care information, bonding articles, and recommendations for ebooks sent by email. I'm also available to answer any questions you have as you prepare for your new addition.

• I do sell habitat kits that include everything needed for your new pet. The kits usually need to be purchased in advance to be ready for your pickup appointment, but you can email me to see if I have any in stock. They can be purchased online here: | hedgehog supplies | sugar glider supplies.

• Shortly before pickup you will get a pickup confirmation email with some last minute tips on care, the address of my home for pickup, and information on where to park.


• Your baby will go home with a starter bag of food that he/she is used to. This is meant to be used for mixing with the food you have at home to help switch foods. I will have larger bags of hedgehog food available at pickup for purchase, and it can be purchased online at and shipped if you choose to continue to use it.


• Hedgehogs go home with a fleece blanket in a small cardboard carrier. For trips longer than one hour I recommend that you bring a more ventilated carrier, such as a small pet or cat carrier, large cardboard box, or even just a friend that can hold them on their lap. Quite often I do have large cardboard boxes, just ask. 

• Sugar gliders go home in a small fleece bonding bag. This bag should not be opened after leaving my home until it is safely inside the cage in your home.


• Your balance is due before or during your pickup appointment . I accept cash with exact change, or, debit, credit, and PayPal with a 4% service fee.

When you come to pickup your baby I will be happy to answer any questions you have, and I'm available for any questions you have in the future. Many questions are answered on the policies page, as well as on the hedgehog care or sugar glider care pages.