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Imported from New Zealand


2.65 lb bag


VETRESKA chicken recipe dry food is an ideal diet for pet hedgehogs. We all know that commercial hedgehog foods are not the best option for our spiky pals, but dry cat food can be - if it meets certain criteria. Well, look no further. VETRESKA meets all the standards! And hedgies can’t resist the taste.


All ingredients are sourced and manufactured in New Zealand. Only select quality fresh meat, fruits and vegetables are used to produce VETRESKA without any added attractants, preservatives or chemical additives.


The meat from fresh chicken effectively provides high quality protein and is very easy for hedgehogs to digest.


Each batch of VETRESKA food is carefully sampled to ensure the guaranteed value of each ingredient.


  • Fresh sourced ingredients from New Zealand

  • Gluten and grain free

  • No artificial chemical additives or preservatives

VETRESKA New Zealand Grain Free Chicken Kibble

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