Perfect for new owners, includes everything you need except for a heat source.


Clear plastic tote/cage, 105 qt (no lid). Bin will be altered to attach the water bottle.

Digital thermometer.

Food dish.

Water bottle.

10 oz. Black Soldier Fly Larvae Kibble. (This food can be ordered online at any time from www.The for shipping.)

Clean & Cozy or CareFresh starter bedding.

Snuggle Sack.

Optional 12” Comfort Wheel.


Optional heat lamp: +$15. Optional 60 watt che heat bulb: +$20. Optional thermostat: +$30.


(a heat source and thermostat is recommended. a thermostat will turn the heat lamp(s) on and off as needed and can be set to a desired temperature range)

Plastic Tote Habitat Kit

PriceFrom $85.00