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Size: 4”x2”

Sandy Nail Trimmer Strips can be applied to any solid surface and act as a nail trimming tool for hedgehogs. Your hedgehog will automatically trim their own nails while running on their exercise wheel! Natural mineral abrasive strips are safe to use and apply directly to any solid surface exercise wheel or other cage accessory. 

  • Includes: Eight (8) Sandy Strips per package

  • Apply to any exercise wheel or cage accessory

  • Flexible shape conforms to uneven surfaces

  • Easy-peel off and replace when necessary

Hedgehog nails can grow to be long. Not only can this be painful to owners during handling, it can also cause your hedgehog to frequently get stuck on fabrics, like pouches or clothing. Nail trimming using clippers can be difficult and may even cause injury to your pet if done incorrectly. Sandy Trimmer Strips provide a soft, yet abrasive surface, for your hedgehog while using their exercise wheel or other cage accessories. Simply install the adhesive strips onto the wheel and your hedgehog’s nails will be naturally filed down as they run. These strips are completely safe and will not cause harm or discomfort to your hedgehog. It may be necessary to initially trim nails with clippers before using the Sandy Trimmer Strips. Then the strips will help keep the trimmed nail smooth through frequent use.


Warning: Use sparingly for sensitive hedgehog feet.


Instructions: Clean surface with rubbing alcohol- not water or detergent. Let surface air dry then apply strips. Press firmly on each strip for at least 30 seconds then wait 1 hour before placing inside the cage.

Materials: vinyl with 60-grit calcium carbonate

Sandy Nail Trimmer Strips

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