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Perfect for new owners, includes everything you need!


Standard Wire Cage: approximately 38 in X 22 in X 18 in with one inch bar spacing and deep plastic tub base (color varies- usually grey or tan).

Simple Deluxe Brand Heat lamp.

150 watt CHE bulb.

Digital thermometer.

Ceramic hedgehog food dish.

Water bottle.

One 10 oz. Black Soldier Fly Larvae Kibble. (This food can be ordered online at any time from www.The for shipping.)

4 gallon bags of wood shavings.

Plastic house in peach, navy or mint color.

12" Wide Silent Runner Wheel.


Optional add on: Thermostat & Extra Bulbs.


(a thermostat is recommended. a thermostat will turn the heat lamp(s) on and off as needed and can be set to a desired temperature range)

Large Wire Habitat Kit

$215.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
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