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Hedgehogs are insectivores and love the taste of our black soldier fly larvae kibble! All of our hedgehogs eat this kibble as their staple diet.


Packed with superfoods; clean insect larvae, rich in healthy protein, vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for a well rounded hedgehog diet.


10oz. bags

Resealable ziplock bags are foil lined to keep kibble fresh.


• Not made with fillers

• First ingredient is black soldier fly larvae

• Nutrient dense for better digestion

• Gluten-free & naturally low carb

• No antibiotics or growth hormones

• Less food lasts longer!


Optional container holds approximately 1 lb of food.


Humane • Sustainable • Eco-friendly


Protein: min 32.0%

Fat: min 13.0%

Fiber: max 5.0%

Moisture: max 10.0%

Insect-Protein Kibble Food for Hedgehogs

PriceFrom $10.00
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