Habitats are not shipped. They need to be picked up with your hedgehog or by appointment.

These cages are made with black vinyl-coated cube grids and durable easy to clean corrugated plastic (coroplast) as a base for the floor (no grids are used under the flooring). The walls of coroplast are 8" high to help prevent bedding from spilling out, or your hedgehog from attempting to climb. 

Each cage also includes a partial grid top for heat lamp placement (not shown) and can be used safely with a heat lamp lying on top.

Also included are zip ties to secure all grids. Note: The Coroplast is scored on the underside and folded for transport purposes.  


Included with your choice of cage size:

1 heat lamp 

1 - 150 watt CHE bulb (an additional lamp/bulb is recommended for 2x3 size)
1 Thermometer
(a thermostat is recommended. a thermostat will turn the heat lamp(s) on and off as needed and can be set to a desired temperature range)

3" food bowl

1 water bottle

1 lb. premium hedgehog food mix
1 12" Giant Comfort Wheel,* or a 12" Silent Spinner (+$10) or **10.5" Bucket Wheel (+$20)
2 Toys & one 12" play tunnel

Large place house

2 bags of shavings

*At this time there is no choice of color


Small: 2x2 grid: Interior: 27" x 27" x 14" tall = approx. 5 sq. ft.  Exterior: 30" x 30" 

Medium: 2x3 grid: Interior: 27" x 41" x 14" tall = approx. 7.5 sq. ft.  Exterior: 30" x 44" 

Custom C&C Habitat Kits

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$152.00Sale Price
Wheel Type
Cage Size
Coroplast Color
Extra Heating Options

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