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Leucistic male joey. Oop approximately 3/18/24. Recently this guy has had a crabby and aggressive attitude and would do best with someone with experience. As a young Joey he was a sweetheart, and I’ve been working with him in hopes of that he will return to being sweet. I hope to find someone with experience to continue with ongoing handling and bonding.

$15 down payment, $200 balance due at pickup.


Joeys go home in a secure bonding bag with a small bag of the kibble they are on.

Sugar Gliders are colony animals and should live in at least pairs. Delivery and shipping not available.

$215. Down payment of $15. Click for Details

SKU: Leum2
  • • If you have made a down payment and decide that you cannot get the baby at that time, I will hold your deposit for 6 months if you notify me at LEAST 14 days PRIOR to the go home "ready" date. 

    • Failure to answer emails about picking up and no-shows automatically forfeit their down payments.

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