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Thank you for your interest in the Hedgehog Open House Share this information with all members of your party.


Sugar gliders will not be available for viewing. Please make a private appointment for sugar gliders.


Please be mindful of where you park and do not block the road, or block other cars in.


If you choose to take a hedgehog home the same day a contract will need to be filled out and signed before you leave. To speed up the process you can read it by clicking here.


Cash is the preferred form of payment. I do not accept checks.

Baby hedgehogs are $240. Sometimes adolescent and adult hedgehogs are available for a lower price. Standard Wire Habitat Kits will be available for purchase and are priced $140+. Also available: food $10/bag, snuggle sacks 2/$20, bonding bags $20.


When using a GPS, it will send you to my neighbor’s house and sometimes to Old Lyme. I live in Lyme, off of Blood Street or Avenue B. Sometimes the GPS will say Old Lyme and send you to Lyme so check the crossroads. Google maps offers accurate directions. If you are coming from the North and you're sent down Route 2/Route 11, I recommend trying to re-route using Route 9/I-95 to avoid 20 minutes of backroads. My address is 4 Oak Street, Lyme, CT.


My house is a red ranch with 2 mailboxes (with #4 hedgehog stickers), a hedgehog flag near the mailboxes, and a wide stone driveway with a fence at the top of it.

Unfortunately my home is not handicap friendly.


Take Home Box

Your baby will go home in a cardboard carrier with a small snuggle blanket. Even if this blanket is dirty when you get home, place it in the cage with your hedgehog to help with transitioning. If your drive is more than an hour, please check on your hedgehog at least every hour.



I will have premium cat food mix that your hedgehog was raised on, available at pickup for $10/bag. One bag lasts 3-4 weeks and can be purchased on my website later for shipping. You will get a small bag to mix with the food you have to help transition.

I will also have snuggle sacks available in various patterns/colors. Those are $10. Bonding bags are also available for $20.


In case of allergies, you should know that I have dogs.


  • Hedgehogs are very sensitive to smells and new people. It is completely normal that your hedgehog will feel scared when you first handle him/her and for the first several days after you take him/her home. It's not uncommon for a hedgehog to take weeks to become completely comfortable with you. Putting a dirty piece of your clothing into their cage to get them used to your smell and help them to adjust faster.

  • In order to keep them social, hedgehogs need to be held at least 1/2 hour per day. Remember, the more you handle them, the friendlier they will be. Carry him/her around in your sweatshirt "hoodie" pocket or a cuddle sack.

  • Your hedgehog may “huff” or “pop” when you try to handle him/her. This is their defense mechanism, as they generally do not bite out of aggression. Don’t let it intimidate you. Instead, use the fleece to protect your hands from the quills and pick him/her up confidently.

  • Hedgehogs go through a process called “quilling” where they lose baby quills and grow in bigger quills at the ages: 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 11 weeks and 1 year. This process is painful for them and they may act grumpy, but it is important to continue handling them during this process.

  • Since you are picking up your hedgehog when they are 6 weeks old, it is likely that they will be quilling at take home time.

  • Baby hedgehogs sleep a lot, up to 20 hours per day.

  • For food & water, your hedgehog was raised using a water bottle. However, I recommend starting with both a dish and a bottle until you see which your hedgehog prefers. Hedgehogs do best as free range eaters. So just fill their bowl once per day and they can eat when they feel hungry.

  • Getting diarrhea when switching homes and foods is perfectly normal. It can even be clear or neon green.

  • Eating and drinking very little after first going home is also normal. Enticing their appetite with wet cat food and live mealworms sometimes helps.

  • You will need to bathe your hedgehog and clip his/her nails about once per month; but avoid getting their face wet, as this can cause an upper respiratory infection if the water is inhaled. I recommend Aveeno oatmeal baby wash and just putting a couple of drops in a shallow tub of warm water and using a toothbrush to wash the quills and feet.

Although I don’t give refunds, please keep in mind that no matter what the situation, I will always take in any hedgehog that needs a home.


Lastly, If you haven't already, I recommend downloading and reading this free ebook,  

If you have any questions before, after or during pickup, please let me know!

See you soon,

Tamara Sevigny

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